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    Lightbulb Snap

    You know it's a drag one hesitates when it's to say something good. Seems hard to do w/ such worthy contributions as "fanboy" & "evangelist", as if curse words or slander, maligning, not worthy by motivation to be given credence, scoffed @ cus of presumed MS driven bias, but, anyway, lol

    This is whilst @ Desktop, as per Start Tile, Desktop>
    To have 1 or more. so-called APPs waiting in wings, ready @ my whim sitting on the, say, Calendar. Then, for example, Rt Clk that Calendar & Snap it Right. Just cus of how things are physically positioned here, the orientation is Right; Taskbar is hidden by, my choice, on the Right edge. Now (by example) Calendar is taking up maybe 1/5 of the screen, the rest of it is my normal Desktop; Calendar is not covering Taskbar... thusly, maybe a bunch of events & dates as a reminder, a To Do list, in my face, via Stick Notes & maybe other items that could do well pugged into a Calendar, that syncs to all (my) calendars AND does Reminders... I keep looking @ whatever, anywhere in the sys, look over & insert the data into the Calendar, in real time, w/ really, no manipulating. No fuss, just, quick & easy, handy, little thing; transferring the info was a breeze & convenient. Now, the Sticky Note can be gone, @ least for now AND I'm going to get Reminders. Swipe my mouse to the right & the Calendar is back in the Left Edge, Desktop back to Full Screen.
    Some of the basic, features, ideas, abilities & offerings of Windows 8 may be more help than harm, more appealing than appalling.

    APPs sitting in the Left Edge & this Snap thing is an example of something good. No, it's not the wrong verb; I'm treating the 2 together as a single example.

    Of course, there is, also, the Snap we, already, knew & Rip & Snap, from Windows 7; that is unchanged.

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