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    No monitor signal.

    A computer system that was booting up and operational just a few days ago is now booting up (normal HDD sounds and activity light) but not getting any signal whatsoever to the monitor(s).

    It did travel a couple of miles to my house in a car but with care.
    All plugs, sockets and such were checked for proper contact.
    There is power to the board and other hardware.
    This is a twelve months old new unused unit.
    The battery voltage is fine.
    Still nothing is getting to either of the monitors that I use.

    Should I be looking for something else?

    A reformat and replacement of Vista with Win7 was on the cards anyway.
    Is there another way to access the pre-boot setup or to get the system to see a boot disc?


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    I would check to see if the Graphics card is plugged in fully (integrated graphics this will not be the problem) I assume you tried a diff. monitor (monitor(s) in your post).

    Reseat everything in the PC. Even with a careful trip things can partially unseat. Happens a lot. Make sure there are no bent pins on the monitor cable. If so carefully straighten the pin. You could also try a diff. cable.

    I do not think a Win 7 installation will solve this problem, although that is probably a good idea after you fix your problem.
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