I finally solved a problem that has been a sore spot for weeks, ever since I upgraded to xp. I set my father up with an msn.com email account when we were trying MSN Explorer, so even though it is msn.com, it's not a msn isp account. Anyway, when I switched to xp (which is great!!!) I lost the use of Outlook Express. To make a long story short, after lots of searching, today I found on the MSN explorer help page the fix that got us back up and running (it's a new http address, basically). I'm pretty sure that this was not here before, and I had posted an inquiry to msn help and about 10 minutes after I found the fix I got an email from them telling me to go there (explorer help) I had heard rumors about an October security upgrade messing with things..... Anyway I'm so happy to be back up with this!!!!