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    Laplink's PCmover makes migrating to Win8 easy


    Laplink's PCmover makes migrating to Win8 easy

    By Patrick Marshall

    Microsoft makes it relatively easy to upgrade to new versions of Windows, but if you're upgrading your hardware at the same time.
    To make the process of moving programs and data to a new Win8 machine less time consuming, Laplink has a new PCmover with Windows 8 support.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    A Pox on PC-Mover

    I am in my 70s & live in a Retirement village. Because of my background and hobby I have become the Village Tech Support, by default, for TV, DVD, VCR, PC, Laptop etc. A couple of years ago I was being swamped by XP to Win7 conversions. One of our local PC mags ran a similar article on PC Mover, but of course not to Win8. In conjunction with this they had a special offer of a copy that was good for 3 uses. A small extra for the CD & a further charge for the USB cable assembly. I ordered 3 serial numbers, 1 download, 1 cd & 2 cables (a friend wanted a cable & these were cheap)
    We then set about the transfer of an XP machine to a shiny new Win7 box, built by me. It was a failure. We ended up with a bit of everything but bugger-all complete or operational. We tried 3 times, changing the XP machine then a new receiving PC with the same results. It would not transfer applications that used a serial, i.e. Office, Anti-Virus etc. Email didnít work. I canít remember any more. Maybe things have changed, but Iím still sitting on over $100 worth of useless software & cables. Iím quite successful with my trusty usb hdd & Microsoftís Win Transfer program. I write this to warn others, because you only get one try before youíre up for another copy.

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    My own experience with PC Mover was very good, when migrating from XP to 7 x64. I think it failed just with a couple apps, but I had tens of apps. Office had to be repaired, but that was almost it. It may end up being a little expensive, but if someone really needs to spare the effort of reinstalling apps, PC Mover is the way to go.

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