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    Volume label name change for USB 3.0 stick won't hold

    I used a 32gb USB 3.0 stick to copy a single setup file from my laptop for a Cisco router and it turned out to turn the stick into a "Easy Setup Key," and rename the stick's volume label accordingly. I didn't need that, since I have another stick dedicated to that purpose. I'd like to change the volume label, but can't get the new one to hold. I tried the direct rename method, then both quick and slow re-formats (NTFS), but the new name doesn't hold. Right after the format, the new name does show, and it always shows on the Format dialogue box, but when I unplug and replug the stick into my desktop (3.0 port), my file manager shows it with the former "Easy Setup Key" label. How can I get this done? Thanks,
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