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    Question Windows 7 install

    Hi, I am new here, and THX for this forum!

    I have been reading Windows Secrets (paid sub) for years, finally got around to joining the Lounge. I run a small business (heating and AC), and decided reading this forum would be a good place to get computer help from time to time. Currently, I need to upgrade from WinXP pro to Win 7 (kinda on the fecne between 7 home premium and 7 pro, hardware is ready for 64 bit). I am sure somewhere in the Windows 7 forum is a thread with the answers I am looking for; would someone be kind enough to post the proper thread... THX!

    I need to upgrade a workstation, a server, and a laptop from WinXP to Win 7... the server has WinHS on it now. I would like all 3 to be the same OS, would make it easier for handle computer maintenance (I remember someone saying a desktop OS could be modified to function as a file server... never learned how to do it). I am looking at Amazon for Win 7 packages and find 'system builder' DVD's??? Then after reading around at MSFT website, I am more confused than when I started... I am sure that is nothing new... LOL.
    Are these 'system builder' DVD's like the old OEM software? Can I just install them and go? Do I need the OPK tool? What happens when I need a new video card or HD? Or what about other hardware upgrades from time to time? Does this cause an issue with MSFT?

    And concerning the laptop; I remember not being able to change the OS (laptop is an HP). With a new HD, will a new OS load without issues?

    Yeah, I probably sound like a novice... which is kinda true... I wish Win2K was still around; I knew what to do with it... <grin>

    THX in advance for any references to threads or answers anyone takes the time to post, they are MUCH appreciated!


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    You won't be able to use the OEM System Builders version of Windows 7 on your old hardware, unless it is newly built by you
    for resale to someone else.

    No upgrade installation will be possible with Windows XP to Windows 7, only a clean install. The best advice on performing
    a clean install is here.

    For business, always go with the Professional version of any OS, not the "Home" version. Home has limited capabilities.
    For business, again, try to avoid "upgrade" versions of an OS, always go with the full install professional grade versions.
    [Although it is possible to purchase an upgrade Windows 7 pro and save a little money]

    And concerning the laptop; I remember not being able to change the OS (laptop is an HP). With a new HD, will a new OS load without issues?
    Not true, You will need to format the drive prior to installation. This can be done easily with a Windows 7 Professional disk via this clean install guide.
    All preparations should be done in advance of a clean install, like getting and downloading all the needed drivers, and having hard copies of all the software
    you plan on installing.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    The partition (disk) you wish to install Win 7 on can be Formatted during the installation process. After you choose Custom Install, on the next screen will be a link to Advanced (Disk) Options. After choosing this option, highlight the partition (Disk) you wish to install to and choose Format. After the format is complete, the installation can be continued on a partition (disk) of unallocated space.
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