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Hi Clint,
<This would make for a nice clean install project. The keyword here is plan.>
Not knowing how to do a clean install I donít want to take a chance of screwing up the old computer before I get the new one on line. Once the new one is up and operating then I will try and find out how to repair the current Windows 7 system.
I don't even know where to begin.

<It will make no difference and have no bearing on anything whether a printer, scanner, or audio equipment is present.>
Forgive me for my not expressing myself correctly. I only mean it makes more sense to me to get all of the new hardware
installed when I first get the computer rather than after it is installed in place and I have to remove all of the cables and connections in order to open up the case to install the items. Also I will have more working room if it is not hooked up.

Respectfully, Graphics Guy
You do have some kind of install disk for the older windows 7 based computer don't you?
Even if it's an OEM partition with an image all you would need to do is retrieve the useful data and restore to factory state.
If you have a genuine windows 7 install disk, then doing a clean install isn't rocket science. Plenty of help and advice available for the asking.

Make a separate thread if you intend to seek help with the other computer.

Remember to take electrostatic precautions when working inside the case. Buy a wrist band and or have one hand frequently in contact with the case's
metal frame.