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    Only an Admin user now

    Hello all, my first post here IIRC.

    I'm running an older IBM T30 laptop, dual booted Win 98SE and Xp Pro. This is the needed configuration, which has been doing fine for my needs.

    About two months ago I installed the Sysinternals suite and while it was installing, a soft blue screen came up and asked me if I wanted to continue. Not paying too close attention, I clicked OK and the machine sat there for more that a half hour (or so it seemed) installing stuff.

    When it was done, I had a new desktop, a blank soft blue one, without many of the icons I was used to seeing. Some of the ones from my original working account (with Admin privileges) were there but not all.

    Some inspection and a reboot revealed that I was being put into the "Administrator" account and could not even switch users. The old user was not shown. Also, this was originally a one user no log in machine

    The folders for the old user are still there and I can access the data and start the programs in them but have to go to them using the file explorer.

    After some grumbling and searching on the net as to how to correct this, I ran up my white flag and re-installed the needed software in the new account, accessing needed files by navigating to them across user boundaries in the file system.

    While it's a pain, it works. But, I'd really like to put my access back to what it was before this rogue install.

    Any thoughts? I read about regediting a hidden account name entry but what I found there didn't match what I was seeing. And why would the accounts be hidden?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    The soft blue screen sounds like the default desktop colour for XP Pro and Win 98. It's odd that the Sysinternal Suite should compromise the other accounts: so much so that I wonder from where the download was obtained? Could it have been a corrupt download or loaded with malware if not downloaded from the sysinternals site?

    Anyway, I assume that you do not have system images - that would be the first port of call. Can you run a system restore (All Programs> Accessories >System tools>System Restore) to undo the changes?
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