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    Question Make a new user.. then clone it to make 2 copies

    Just new to Window7 and have decided to make a user account for each of my grandchildren to mess with as they like. So, how can I make one.. set it up the way I want and then make duplicate copies of it?

    At the same time.. how can I limit the programs available to each of these two accounts? I tried one and it had "everything" ever installed on this computer.. including programs in the start menu.

    Thanks for any advice or links to tutorials.

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    I believe each account would have to be set up separately. There are so many different folders created by each account, I do not believe making more copies would work. Plus renaming each account would take more time than just biting the bullet abd setting each up separately because of the aforementioned numerous folders.

    Setting each account up separately is much more efficient.
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