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    Windows Startup problem

    I am using a Dell with AMD Athlon Dual processor and 3 GB RAM (32-bit). Originally, it came with Vista Home pre-installed. As soon as possible, I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional. Very recently, I upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Ever since the Win7 upgrade, my computer will only boot with the Win7 DVD in the drive and the BIOS set to boot from the DVD first. If I take the DVD out and reboot or change the BIOS to boot from the HD first, it goes into a Startup Repair routine that appears very Vista-like and never is able to repair anything. If I put the DVD back in the drive, it will boot into the OS no problem. I have tried numerous suggestions over the years from various searches on the web, but nothing seems to help. I know that a clean install would probably solve the problem, but I would hate to have to restore all of my programs, etc. I have pretty much resigned to waiting until I need a new computer unless someone has a brilliant idea?

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    Yes, a Custom install would undoubtedly work very nicely. This is one example where a problem in a previous OS was carried forward into a new OS. My whole installation of Win 8 Pro on 2 separate PC.s including Custom Install with format, all my customizations, all my apps being reinstall and 3 defrag and Images on each PC took about 5 hours each. Compared to what installing previous installations took, this was not much time invested to get 2 absolutely pristine Win 8 Pro installations. It's worth a little extra effort.
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