It's not a software really but I didn't see a better section and I generally trust people in this lounge.

The issue: My sister apparently signed up on ampedology2 which started charging us $10 a month and happens to be a service we can't use because we don't have data. My sister claims to have never heard of the site and though I'm somewhat skeptical (of my sisters innocence) the sites general lack of customer service and the fact that the lost password thing said the number wasn't in their database tells me she may just be telling the truth. The site did have a way of ending service by texting STOP to a number (99359) that showed up on our phone bill as well which combined with the fact that Google finds only one site with ampedology2 in it tells me it's got to be THE site. I did send the stop text just now and a received a reply text saying I'm now unsubscribed. The real kicker though is that SPRINT told us they couldn't remove the service for us unless we ditched the phone number which makes no sense to me since SPRINT must have some sort of contract with the company (implicit as it may be) with which to forward charges and should thus be able to cancel that contract upon request by a customer. I guess I just expect large corporations to follow legal standards as I understand them.