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    VBA/macros - check all internal links

    I have documents that range from 25 pages to over 500 pages. In these docs, there are references (Table 1, Figure 1, see Appendix 2, etc). Instead of manually checking these links (see Table 1, go to Appendix 1), I'd like to learn how to create a macro that would check and confirm the link is going to the correct location. These docs are not written by me and sometimes have 2-4 different contributors.



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    What is the algorithm for identifying what the target should be?

    If the references are live Cross-References then the only problem you could identify by a macro is when the result shows either "0" or "Error Reference not found". If the cross-reference is actually pointing to the wrong place then it will require a human to read the paragraph and work this out unless you have a very robust way of allowing the macro to determine when a reference is wrong.
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