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    Vista and SSD question

    I know that Windows 7 and 8 have SSD capability. I don't know if Windows has a patch to allow Vista to use SSD's ;solid state drives. I fully expect headaches with the BIOS on these dated machines but the one I'm thinking about converting will be from scratch. I've heard horror stories about cloning from one to another so a clean instal and update is planned. It's the last upgrade I can make on this,"Designed for XP, Vista capable machine.

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    The SSDs are not really OS dependent, other than the OS being able to support the specific type of disks in use. SSDs are usually SATA disks, which means that they will can be supported even in XP (although this may be harder), but are definitely supported from Vista on, where SATA supported was included right from the beginning.
    That said, most manufacturers can provided you with specific information about SSD support for your specific computer. Crucial does it. I would always try to obtain such information before parting with my money.

    I recently bought and installed a Crucial 256 GB SSD on my laptop. I had no trouble whatsoever doing it with a specific cloning kit provided by Crucial, which was effortlessly cheap (if for anything else, for the included USB -> SATA cable). Cloning the disk with it was incredible easy, so I will dispute your statement that cloning is not an option. It doesn't need to be used, if you so not want, but it can be used if you want to. My laptop was running Windows 8, when I cloned it and replaced the magnetic disk by the SSD.

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    With a clean install there is no issue if Vista is aware that it is dealing with an SSD and partitions it accordingly (aligned on a boundary). I don't know if Vista is like 7 in that respect or XP (not aware).

    A simple workaround if its not is to create a partition and format the SSD on a Windows 7 machine and then install Vista to the partition without any further formatting. Paragon also makes a tool for $30 or so that will align the partition after the fact. This allows me to clone to any SSD and fix the alignment afterwards if the cloning process does not allow for SSD partition alignment.

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    There is no reason Vista would not be fine on a SSD.


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    Windows Vista does not support TRIM, which is somewhat bewildering.
    So check with the manufacturer of the drive to see if it has some form of garbage collection capability independent of the OS.
    If it's Intel or Crucial it probably does. If it's OCZ it probably does not.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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