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Thread: iTunes fraud

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    Nice one; thank you!

    As a semi satisified PP user, I went looking for and activated the SMS Security Key to beef up my security. Have had the same mobile/cell # for over a decade now!

    The link for the well hidden & hard to find security feature you mentioned is here: SMS Security Key for PP

    You can also generate a 6 digit pin to secure telephone contact with PP (or use a one time webcode) from here.

    To be really paranoid you could pay PP/feBay for a physical token/key too, which generates 6-digit codes used during the sign-in process, once activated?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GiddyUpGo View Post
    I do not trust Discover Card one time use because it requires Adobe Flash. Because of security issues and other issues with Adobe Flash, I uninstalled flash many years ago. I would not trust using the Discover Card one time use because it requires flash. I know Discover would take care of any misuse, but I refuse to have Adobe Flash on my computer.
    Most software has security issues; that's why software has regular updates and new versions. Ubiquitous products like Flash, Windows, Internet Explorer, etc. are under constant assault, so the solution isn't to not use them, but to make sure your computer is set up properly so you can use them safely. Make sure your Windows firewall is turned on, use a good antivirus product, update all software on a regular basis, and access the internet through a limited account, not the administrator account. You can learn more about how to properly set up the security of your computer here:

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    Similar experience but not with Apple. Mine was with Dominoes pizza. Someone took my info to activate an iPhone.

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