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    Hi Waldi.
    If you are not familiar with the registry I suggest leaving well enough alone. You could though check for entries searching for 'Adobe' once you are in the registry editor (Regedit). I am a bit reluctant telling you how to do this since you can seriously mess up your computer if you change something that should not be changed.

    But if you want to have a peek at what it looks like, go ahead! Curiosity is a great thing and there's no harm in just looking.
    Go to the start button and select 'Run'.
    In the pop-up box, type 'regedit' without quotation marks.

    Regedit should launch. It looks a bit like an Explorer but with four main folders in it (depending on settings/OS and more). These folders contain 'keys' and 'strings' and 'values', among other things, and tell your computer where to go to open an application, for instance, or which program should open what type of file. And where to find the necessary Windows files, so it's the heart of the computer and operating system.

    If you search for 'Adobe' or 'adobe' or 'photoshop' or 'Photoshop' you may find some entries that are left in the registry. Search for 'psd', too. Although be aware that some applications can open Photoshop files (.psd) too and that the registry entries may be for these applications and not for Photoshop.

    If absolutely nothing of Adobe is present on your machine (including a preinstalled courtesy Adobe Reader for instance) there should be nothing from Adobe in the registry. I have no experience with CCCleaner or System mechanic (I do things mostly by hand to make sure it goes the way I want) but I think it can do no harm. First uninstall though.

    I hope this will help. And that you will get some quiet time. I am very interested in the results and shall keep an eye on this thread.

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    Hi DutchPie,
    Finally I got around to have another go of the problem but unfortunately with no result. I have followed your suggestion, uninstall, clean, etc, Photoshop and Acrobat , then reinstall but no joy. I have CS5 designer suite on my machine with various plugins, could that be the problem?
    What mistifies me is that CS6 Photoshop 32 bits runs properly, only the 64 bits having the dreaded R6034 problem.
    There is a "Repair" install of Win 7 but I am very reluctant to try because I think the problem is with Adobe not Windows and if at all possible I try to avoid the tedious reinstalling all my settings, plugins etc., of CS5. I will try to live with the "seven click" start for the time being. Extremely disappointing that Adobe not only can't suggest a solution but seemingly does not care either.
    Anyway, thank you for all your help and for taking the trouble trying to help.

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