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    Question About sending email with access 2003

    I'm a fairly new user of Access (2003). I have a database that has a form called frmIngressEq,
    this form shows the ID ingress, customer's name,
    customer's email and equipment that entered. when the equipment enters it is assigned a
    status, eg status 1.
    Moreover I have another form called frmStatusEq showing the current
    status in which the equipment is located. is it possible to create a button
    in the form frmStatusEq that Take the email customer's address of the form frmIngresoEq and sends the
    status that has the equipment on the form frmStatusEq and ,finally, after clicking the button
    change the state before. for example from status 1 passes to status 2.
    excuse my english I'm not american
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster.

    Here is a link to a previous thread on this subject I hope this helps.

    Here is another link with more involved code.
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    That was fast
    Thank you! i'm going to read that links
    I hope they'll help me =)

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    Give this a shot.

    Give this a shot:
    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Command0_Click()
    Dim App As Object
    Dim ITM As Object
    Dim attachment As String
    Dim sendto As String
    Dim ccaddress As String
    Dim bccaddress As String
    sendto = ""
    ccaddress = ""
    bccaddress = ""
    Set App = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set ITM = App.CreateItem(0)
    With ITM
    .subject = "test message" ' or just reference something on the screen. i.e. Me.subject
    .To = sendto
    .CC = ccaddress
    .BCC = ccaddress
    .Body = "this is the body of my message" ' or just reference something on the screen i.e.Me.textmessage
    If Left(Me.attachment, 1) <> "<" Then ' They can type in the attachment from the screen here
    .Attachments.Add (Me.attachment) ' This is the FULL path to the attachment
    End If
    '.attachments.Add ("c:\junk.txt") ' or just hard wire it

    ' use below to display the message before sending
    ' .Display
    ' use below to just send it.
    ' .send
    End With
    Set App = Nothing
    Set ITM = Nothing
    End Sub

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