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    Sound not working on PC



    I have recently reformated my pc and am unable to get sound to work.

    I cannot work out where and how to load drivers.

    See screenshot for assistance.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    How do l find out the motherboard type so l can find driver?
    As l have lost original disc

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    First, check to see that everything is plugged in securely, and in it's proper place.
    Secondly, attempt to identify if your computer has a sound card, or one built directly into the motherboard. (on board)
    (Go to device manager, type "devmgmt.msc" into the run box and see if you can spot your sound card).
    It should look something like this...

    Downloading & installation of Drivers

    Drivers, in most instances, are installed like any other program. You download them from the
    computer's manufacturer to a secure location on your hard drive, then install them.
    Some drivers may require that they are unzipped to a specified location, then installed. This is usually an "old school" way of doing
    things, so pay close attention if you come across such a driver.

    Finding drivers to Download
    Identify the maker of your computer and the model type, preferably a tag number located somewhere on the case.
    Go to the website of the maker of your computer and search; support>>drivers, based on your specific make/model/tag number.

    If you have an add on sound card device manager will usually ID the maker.
    You would then query the maker for a driver. (go to the website and download your driver)
    You will need to know the exact make/model of the sound card you have.
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    I have actually had the same problem when I was using the windows Xp version.Just go to the sound option in the control panel and change something ,restart it.
    Once you restart, revert back the changes or go to any previous settings and restart it again.It worked for me.Hope it works for you.

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