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    Win 7 in loop while installing some of latest updates

    I selected a few of the latest Windows Updates from the ones that came out Tuesday. I installed them successfully on two desktop PC's, but my laptop is having issues. It seemed to hang on updating with the screen displaying that it was updating 6 of 10. It was this way for a couple of hours or more. I finally cancelled it, and it gave the message about installing updates, do not power off. It stayed there for a couple hours and I finally powered down the laptop. When I started it up it resumed windows and is now stuck at the Shutting down screen.

    Any ideas how to get out of this? My next step will be to pull the battery for a real power down.

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    So it's resuming from sleep or hibernation and stuck at shutting down? If so, at some point you should get an option to dump the resume and boot normally from scratch, any BIOS boot options before the resume starts? If not, a complete power down might allow for that but you might need the Win7 repair boot disc and run start up repair a few times or even a LINUX boot disc and try the more radical approach of deleting the hyberfil.sys file on the root directory.
    Then if you get it booting normally again, it may still be messed up by the partial updates so a system restore to a day previous to Tues. would be in order.
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