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    Windows 7 XP Mode and database server

    I work in a periodontal (gum surgeon) practice. Our dental practice management software is a Sybase-based database. We use CDR (Computed Digital Radiography - digital x-rays). We have four offices, our main office and three satellite offices. In order to take x-rays in any of our satellite offices, we currently have to dual-boot one of our laptops, so we can run the software in a server configuration (internet connection is too slow to connect to the main office via a VPN and run the computers in the satellite offices as client machines so we can take x-rays). We access our main office system via a terminal services session instead. If the connection were fast enough, a VPN-type solution would be good. However, a typical full mouth series of periapical radiographs is 7-8MB in size. Each individual x-ray is 500-600MB or so in size. If we were running over a VPN via our adsl connection, it would be too time consuming to take a full mouth series, as we'd have to wait many seconds between shots for the image file to traverse the slow outbound connection to the main office. Instead, we dual-boot one laptop, so we can run the database in the satellite offices, take our x-rays, then export the images and send them to the main office so they can be imported into our main office system.

    Would Windows 7's XP Mode allow me to install the server version of our software in XP mode, where it would only run when we were running XP Mode? I could then leave the client version of the software installed on the Windows 7 side of the system, and eliminate the need for two Windows 7 Pro licenses.

    I may do some experimentation, and see if it will work. Got another laptop I could load XP mode on, and try installing the software as a server in XP mode.

    Has anyone here had to do something similar? That is, run two versions of an application on the same machine, one under Windows 7 and one under XP Mode? I already know our dental software will run as a database under XP, because at one time we did run it on a laptop running XP Pro.

    Update: The idea of running our database under XP Mode on a Windows 7 Pro system is at present not workable. I set up XP mode on the laptop in question, and then ran the install for our software. It requires 1024 x 768 resolution, and under XP mode, you're limited to something like 1366 x 663.

    So, at least under XP Mode, it won't work. I'd try VirtualBox and see if it will convince the install routine it's running under 1024 x 768, but to do that I need an additional license for XP. That's the reason XP mode was an attractive option, as an additional license wasn't required.

    Looks like I may be forced to go the dual-boot route. :-(
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