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    Windows 7 hung while installing updates

    I was installing a large number of Windows 7 updates,&nbsp;doing this a few updates at a time.&nbsp; Everything seemed to go well, until I got the last message to reboot.&nbsp; When Windows rebooted, it showed that it was installing three updates, but it never progressed beyond the screen announcing that the the first update was being installed.&nbsp; <br><br>I waited&nbsp;hours, but it became clear that the update process was hung, so I eventually powered the system off.&nbsp; When I restarted I got a message that Windows had not shut down properly, but I let it go through a normal&nbsp;startup nonetheless.<br><br>I am not able to recognize any problems resulting from the abnormal installation.&nbsp; When I run Windows Update, I get a report that all important updates have been installed, but I don't believe this.<br><br>Can anyone suggest a course of action for me?<br><br>Thanks,<br><br><br>Don

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    Click on Start orb, type update > Click on Windows Update > click on check for Updates. If it comes back with no updates found you are good to go.


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