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    Question Possible problem with updates

    One of my systems is acting up. Or at least I think it is a problem. Prior to doing the latest November updates, I was looking around and I came across two issues. (Reference the attached pic)

    item 1 - This update shows twice. If I uninstall it, reboot and then I click Windows Update I see this update available. When I install it I get two entries which appear identical. If I delete one of the entries, it goes away but leaves one. But then I get an available update for it; the same one. Something wrong in the software distribution folder? How do I fix this?

    item - 2 - Then I noticed the dates on the NET framework and Microsoft Office updates (the Windows 7 updates are not affected). At first, they all said 11-13-2012 which first off is impossible because these were updated back when they were released so do not know why they all have the same date now. Well, while fixing the issue in item 1 above (after uninstall) the dates then changed to what you see; 11-15-2012. So again, is there some sort of problem going on here where I need to go deep and clean some folder of files out?

    The system is a Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit with Office 2010 64-bit. I have 4 other computers, but they do not have this problem. All other systems have the same hardware as well.

    If any one can shed some light as to what happened here and if there is a fix, it would be greatly appreciated.
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