Hi All,

I have a Windows XP SP3 system that is fully updated and has worked perfectly for literally years with my Logitech Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard.

For some unknown reason the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard no longer works, although the Mouse does. I've fitted new batteries to the keyboard and that has not resolved the issue. I've convinced myself the problem resides within the computer.

Most puzzling is the fact that these is no Bluetooth Device showing up in Device Manager - it used to be there

201221118 Device Manager.jpg

Unplugging the Logitech Bluetooth dongle stops the Logitech Bluetooth Mouse from working, plugging the dongle in again has it recognised by the USB process and the mouse works

Opening the Bluetooth Devices manager indicates there are no devices connected, even though the Logitech Bluetooth Mouse is working just fine

20121118 Bluetooth Device Manager, no devices.jpg

Going to the Options tab and ticking the "Turn discovery on" checkbox:

20121118 Bluetooth Device Manager, discovery.jpg

Results in the following error on hitting OK:

20121118 Bluetooth Device Manager, error.jpg

Of course, the inability to turn on discovery means I can't connect to any other Bluetooth device, which I was able to do in the past.

Any ideas on how to install the Bluetooth device driver, and hence I believe
I can get my device to display in Device Manager again.

Any clues to a resolution to this problem will be appreciated.