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Thread: Win 7 Briefcase

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    Win 7 Briefcase

    I am trying to get a set of files synced from a desktop to a laptop. I created a new briefcase on the main 'desktop' and copied it to the laptop 'desktop'. attempts to sync say that the 'other location is not accessible'. Explorer confirms both 'desktop' folders are shared with full permissions and I can manually copy files from one to the other and edit them, or manually edit files in either briefcase form either machine, but cannot 'Update All'.
    Anyone had any similar problems with Briefcase? BTW my two Win7 machines are not on a homegroup, sharing is by giving each logged on administrator sharing permission
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    My impression is that Briefcase is on the way out. I am surprised it is even offered in Win 7. There are many other sync options available. If you would like suggestions, please ask.

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