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    Win7 drops dialup Internet connection after Fast User Switch

    . existing HP notebook with Win7 32bit

    Known good Hardware/Software
    . existing SONY VAIO notebook with Win7/SP1 32bit

    . after a Fast User Switch (ie: Ctl-Alt-Del\switch user) to a different LID,
    my dial-up connection would drop and then both LIDs had no Internet access.

    Attempts to fix
    . temp changed:

    1. Registry subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\RasMan\Parameters
    Name KeepRasConnections
    Type REG_DWORD
    Default Value 0 to 1

    2. adapter:
    a. power settings (allow device to sleep or not; most NET adapters were ALLOW)
    b. sharing settings (both were to NOT share)

    3. checked WinUpd fixes to see if the working LT had some that the other didn't,
    or if the bad LT needed to remove a fix the working one didn't have

    4. checked TOD for winlogon.exe
    a. the working LT had a TOD 1 month OLDER (v17514) than the failing LT

    5. Event Viewer:

    The user xxx\xxx dialed a connection named xxx which has terminated.
    The reason code returned on termination is 831.
    The connection was terminated because user switch happened.

    There are multiple login sessions on the user's computer. The user switched from a
    login session with an active RAS connection to another session. This resulted in the
    termination of the connection. Switch back to the original session and make the RAS
    connection again.

    6. PROCMON crashes
    add filter/path/begins: C:\Windows\System32\GfxUI.exe to seemingly STOP the crashes!!!
    System 4 0 TCP Disconnect SUCCESS

    FINALLY FIXED IT after 13 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No thankx to ANYTHING I searched for on the Web, including MS entries!

    . open Network and Sharing center
    . click 'change adapter settings'

    . for your entry, scroll to see OWNER; it MUST be 'System' and NOTHING ELSE!

    In my case, it was my LID and NOT my GUEST LID. In the working LT, it WAS 'System',
    so I wrote down the entry info, made a new one making sure that 'allow all users' is
    selected (I can't seem to change this any other way), then save it. Finally, go back to
    'change adapter settings', delete the bad entry, rename the new entry to the bad entry,
    and now all should be OK (at least it now is for me); I CONNECT in the normal LID and
    switch to the GUEST LID to surf so that I can't get permanently infected (a la the FBI
    Moneypak trojan)!

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    Thanks for the information. Glad you found a resolution.


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    Hi MtheK,

    I'm facing exactly the same issue here, however I wasn't able to find where to change the OWNER from... could you please advise? and for which adapter should I change this setting? is it for the dialup connection?


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    Yes; in my case, I had to delete and re-add the dialup connection manually.

    . Open Network and Sharing Center
    . select Change Adapter Settings
    . in the list given, find all your dialup connections
    . scroll to the right to see OWNER; it must be SYSTEM
    . if not, unfortunately, I don't know how to change it, but I was
    able to create a new entry and then delete/rename it
    . open up rasphone.exe
    . select the dialup entry and do Properties
    . write down/copy all the info:
    . general, options, security, networking, sharing
    . go back and create a NEW dial-up entry:
    . call it whatever 'cause u can RENAME if AFTER u delete the old entry
    . in the screen where u type the phone #, at the bottom is this:
    by selecting this, the OWNER becomes SYSTEM
    . fill in all the other saved info and exit
    . Open Network and Sharing Center / Change Adapter Settings
    In the list, u should now see your NEW entry
    . select the OLD entry, r-click and DELETE
    . select the NEW entry, r-click and RENAME to the original name
    . scroll right to see OWNER and ensure it is SYSTEM
    . open the dial-up connection (I use rasphone.exe to do this)
    . switch to GUEST and the connection should now remain active

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    Cool Dial up connection problem

    Glad you resolved your issue and thanks for posting solution. But you must be one of the very few people still using a dial up connection. Is there no broad band supplier near you?

    All typing errors are my own work and subject to patents pending. Except errors by the spell checker. And that has its own patients.

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    1. I'm not sure this is restricted to dial-up only; perhaps any adapter that is NOT OWNER=SYSTEM may also drop when switching.

    2. if infected w/a virus, this will slow down any transmissions a thousand-fold. See:

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    When using the GUEST LogonID, permissions are already in place to cause
    my own program, using INT21h/4Eh against the boot root drive:

    to fail on the initial call with error5 (ACCESS IS DENIED), tho it works fine
    under my regular (ADMIN) LID, but shows even more running cmd.exe ELEVATED
    on either LID via UAC (ie: the Prefetch DIR, which shows executables that
    were loaded, and when).

    So, with this, and "HOSTS blocker":

    adding, what I believe, based on NETMON, was the infected URL,
    and using CMSort.exe to sort my own ADMIN output file (as opposed to a sorted
    ADMIN DIR) descending TOD:

    I feel much safer surfing now than before. Ever since I started using the
    GUEST LID, I have had no issues accessing any of my URLs, whether they are
    password-protected accounts or not. I continue to start my monitors and
    the connection under my regular LID, then switch for any actual access.

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