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    SRWare Iron hijacked

    I have both Iron and Chrome on my XP PC. A few days ago Chrome started crashing while loading. Iron was okay but I made the mistake of updating and it, too, started crashing while loading.

    I went back about a week with Windows Restore and Iron loads but it now brings me to a "$1" homepage with some $1 message taking up half of my Bookmarks bar. The Iron menu tab in the upper right corner now opens in a different format with less options and if I press "tools," Iron crashes. Everything else seems to work but I'm afraid to use the browser.

    I ran full scans with Malwarebytes and Avira Anti-virus, running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode as well, but no viruses or malware show up. I also ran a Kapersky scan which showed no viruses/malware but did show twelve "Other Issues"...
    • "Process termination timeout is out of admissible values"
    • "Service termination timeout is out of admissible values"
    • "Autorun from hard drives is allowed"
    • "Autorun from network drives is enabled"
    • "CD/DVD autorun is enabled"
    • "Removable media autorun is enabled"
    • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear history of typed URLs"
    • "Microsoft Internet Explorer - disable caching data received via protected channel"
    • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: disable sending error reports"
    • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear the list of trusted domains"
    • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear list of pop-up blocker exceptions"
    • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: start page reset"
    Any ideas for me? Thanks

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    I don't know what "Process termination timeout is out of admissible values" and "Service termination timeout is out of admissible values" means but would say that all of the listed advisories are just some settings that might improve security in IE and the computer in general. Not anything to do with the SRWare Iron/Chrome problem. If it was me, I'd back-up the bookmarks and remove both browsers including the Profiles, then reinstall them, import the bookmarks and customise again with preferred extensions.

    I've tried all of the Chromium-based browsers but only had one of them installed at the same time. Perhaps there would be room for conflict if one brand is installed alongside another. They are very similar and use files of the same name for instance.

    For what it's worth, I think Google Chrome is best because it includes Flash Player, which gets updated automatically when a new version of Flash is released. What's more, it runs within Chromes sandboxed structure. Chrome also includes a PDF reader that can also be used as the computer's default PDF reader. All in all, I think Chrome is the best Chromium-based browser.

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