Could not decide if this went in hardware. I was considering buying an Asus win 8 laptop. Can I load 7. Anyone know if Asus allows looting in bios mode. Or unsecure mode. Apparently no help from microsoft or asus. User comment follows

Pros: Light Weight, Slim Design, Fits the budget
Cons: Not the easiest thing to open up to swap out the ram.
Takes 11 screws to open up to upgrade the hard drive.
Takes 5 more screws to lift up the mother boards to change out the ram.
Put them all back together is rather, annoying & time wasting.
Fancy UEFI bios, that came "LOCKED" and unable to install a brand new license of Windows 8 on a new SSD from scratch, Microsoft took 3 days to issue a refund for the Windows 8 Pro x64 license, and ASUS Tech Support, at 5:20pm PST, just kept on hanging up the phone, or their VoIP phones just don't work so well, hangs up randomly, till 5:30pm PST, so you're no longer to get support. That's about the nicest thing I could say about ASUS & Microsoft