- Ran Zinstall to move source XP on one PC to a new Windows 7 64 bit on a target PC.
- It worked close to what they promised as long as you never modify the system.
- Zinstall WIN-WIN (Not XP7 which creates VM) created a target folder (1TB Drive) and put all my system drive contents into subfolders for each drive on the source.

Install SDD for C: and create extended drives for the content in the subfolders.

Assuming that moving the redirected drives when moved off the root directory will break all program links established by Zinstall.

Potential Solution
- I need to create partitions to replace the drives in redirection folder. Assuming I rename the new partitions accordingly, my hope is that I can regain operational programs after I move the redirected folder off the root.
- How do I undo the redirection without crashing applications that WIN-WIN transferred?
- Canít find information on this. Gateway DX4860 PC came preloaded and zero documentation.
Any help appreciated.