This is reposted from the Third-Party Browsers category. Can anyone help me?

I have both Iron and Chrome on my XP PC. A few days ago Chrome started crashing while loading. Iron was okay but I made the mistake of updating and it, too, started crashing while loading.

I went back about a week with Windows Restore and Iron loads but it now brings me to a "$1" homepage with some $1 message taking up half of my Bookmarks bar. The Iron menu tab in the upper right corner now opens in a different format with less options and if I press "tools," Iron crashes. Everything else seems to work but I'm afraid to use the browser.

I ran full scans with Malwarebytes and Avira Anti-virus, running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode as well, but no viruses or malware show up. I also ran a Kapersky scan which showed no viruses/malware but did show twelve "Other Issues"...
  • "Process termination timeout is out of admissible values"
  • "Service termination timeout is out of admissible values"
  • "Autorun from hard drives is allowed"
  • "Autorun from network drives is enabled"
  • "CD/DVD autorun is enabled"
  • "Removable media autorun is enabled"
  • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear history of typed URLs"
  • "Microsoft Internet Explorer - disable caching data received via protected channel"
  • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: disable sending error reports"
  • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear the list of trusted domains"
  • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear list of pop-up blocker exceptions"
  • "Microsoft Internet Explorer: start page reset"

Any ideas for me? Thanks