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    Slowdown With Split Database (2000/2002)

    I have a large database that I have split into a frontend and backend (data). My problem is that the speed of operation changes drastically after I split the database (this does NOT happen with Access 97, because I also have a Access 97 version that runs virtually identically when there is a single database and when the applications and data are split.)

    When I use the combined database, operations (including VBA code) process almost instantiously.

    With the split database (either on my local hard drive or on a network drive), things slow down by orders of magnitude.

    I've searched the lounge and found helpful suggestions about turning off Name AutoCorrect (both check boxers), and about disabling or removing the subdatasheets from the tables. That helps, but the delays remain significant.

    Is there anything else I can do? Is this a problem with Access 2000 as compared with Access 97?


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    Re: Slowdown With Split Database (2000/2002)

    Is it possible that your back-end database is still in Access 97 format - if so that will really slow things down? It's also possible that your database is in a decompiled state so you could try compiling it. We did fairly extensive testing before we converted and found 2K to generally be faster than 97, so I would start looking at environmental factors. Hope this helps.

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