Hi , I had too many partitions on my PC , so I deleted the basic partition ( 2gb ) it didn't really delete , just changed it to
Unallocated . Was that detrimental to my PC ? When I was deleting volume I noticed that I think it had ata drives on it ?
After I checked my DVD - it was slow @ reading . I don't think I deleted the drives because the 2gb just changed to unallocated space . Should I change it back to how it was before ? How do I do that ? I can't remember if the partition had a letter -I don't think so , do I just use that system volume option? I originally was going to put Windows 8 on a separate partition , but I might not if it slows my PC down . Well if you can help with that Basic partition -thanks . I have a windows
Vista 500 gb 2.33ghz . I would change the primary OS - but the resolution is bad - do you know a update for Nvidia 7400 graphic card for windows 8 ?