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    pdf conversion issue

    I am using Smart PDF Converter Pro to convert a pdf invoice to an excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately, all of the numbers that are converted are converted into pictures or images as opposed to true numbers. Any idea how to solve this?Thanks in advance.

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    Some PDF files have the actual text characters of what you see in the file. Others are basically an image of what you see rather than workable text characters. For example, if you receive a fax via many of the online fax services (e.g. eFax), it will email you a PDF attachment, which is an image of the received fax.

    Consider the following: You print out your Excel spreadsheet, and then you realize that you need another copy. You can either print another copy, or put the one you have already printed into the copy machine. If you print another copy, Excel will interpret the characters, formulas, numbers, etc., and put it all together into a print job. If you copy it on the copy machine, it is simply an image of the whole thing.

    Likely this is the "image" version, which means that you can't really convert it to anything. Unless you get a really good conversion program. Probably Smart PDF Converter Pro isn't capable of converting an "image" PDF into an Excel spreadsheet.

    There may be another program which can -- it will need to have good OCR capabilities (OCR = Optical Character Recognition).

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    Try this mob, say's it does almost everything.

    Third from the bottom in the feature list...don't know if this may do the trick.
    They quote;
    Text Viewer & Text Converter
    View the whole text content of a PDF file.
    Convert a whole PDF document into a simple text file.
    I think it be the paid version.

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