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    Multiple Contact Lists (2002)

    Is it possible to have multiple contact lists in Outlook? I'd like to maintain one contact list (about 300 names) that I use once or twice a day, and then have a 2nd contact list (it's a little over 15,000 names) that I use heavily, day in an day out.

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    Re: Multiple Contact Lists (2002)

    Hi Budman,

    If I understand your needs correctly, this is fairly easy to achieve in Outlook 2002.

    Select "File - New - Folder" and type in the name for your new contact list in the "Name" field of the presented dialogue box.

    From the "Folder Contains" drop down list, select "Contact Items".

    In the "Select where to place the folder" box, select your mailbox name (or a sub-folder of it if you do not want it as a top level folder).

    Press the OK button.

    In your folder list, right click on the newly created Contacts folder and select "Properties", then select the "Outlook Address Book" tab.

    Ensure the "Show this folder as an email address book" checkbox is selected.

    This should now be set up to allow you to use the new folder to find addresses as per normal with Outlook.

    Hope this helps you.


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