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    Heather G

    Access XP back compatibility with 2000 etc. (Access 2000)

    I cannot locate a copy of Access 2000 for sale, despite the fact that work and class have both just switched to it. Salespeople tell me MS has recalled all copies of 2000. <img src=/S/drop.gif border=0 alt=drop width=23 height=23>

    Why MS would ignore *any* niche market is beyond me--there's certainly people who still need and buy it, for various logical reasons. I ran into the same annoying problem of timing when I was trying to buy a copy of Windows 98, just after 2000 had come out. <img src=/S/igiveup.gif border=0 alt=igiveup width=31 height=23>

    So the obvious solution is to buy Office XP, and simply *hope* <img src=/S/grovel.gif border=0 alt=grovel width=31 height=23> that it will be back-compatible when I attempt to take homework in to a class running Access 2000. If anything on this issue, comments, answers, has come up in archived Woody's Watch newsletters, I haven't found it yet.

    I was warned that Access 2000 isn't very back-compatible to earlier 98, and in my experience so far, data tables converted from 2000 to XP can act up, let alone files translated from 2000 back to 98. Does anyone know if Access XP is or is not reasonably back-compatible to 2000??

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    Re: Access XP back compatibility with 2000 etc. (Access 2000)

    The Access 2000 format is actually the default for Access XP, but I think the salespeople are trying to switch you to the most recent and therefore most profitable version of Access. I'm sure Microsoft would prefer that as well.

    Have you tried looking on sites like <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>? If you're taking a class in it, the school must have a source for the software, so have you tried asking them?

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    Heather G

    Re: Access XP back compatibility with 2000 etc. (Access 2000)

    Thanks, Charlotte!! <img src=/S/clapping.gif border=0 alt=clapping width=19 height=23> I'll check the site you suggested, and with the school. Somebody else also suggested talking to my IT dept. as well, since it is work-related, but I have to check with my boss first, and I'm not counting on that. Sure appreciate the help!

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