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    OneNote 2013 Preview

    I've been using the preview of Office 365 (2013) for a bit now and while all else seems to be working just fine, I am having an intermittent problem with OneNote. Every once in a while I will try to open it from the desktop, and it won't open. It just sits there like the proverbial hour glass. If I go to SkyDrive, and open it from there, no problem. Yeah, I could use it from there, but some of the option that I like to use, are not available to use or work differently.
    When I get the desktop version closed, and reopen, I get a popup giving me several options to try and solve the problem. The first option is to clean out the OneNote cache and that is what I normally choose, and it seems to work.
    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this, and if there is something I can do or try to prevent this from happening at all.

    Thanks John
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    I am running it locally (not the 365 version) and I have experienced no such issues. Works pretty well.

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