Hello together,

i am having an issue and hope somebody can help me.

I alread wrote a little VBA code to filter with "date from" and "date two". That already works. I now want to save this new view as xml. I already tried something with a code but i am not an expert and it doesn't work. It always saves the whole project in XML.

Can somebody help me? Below the code i already coded.

Thanks in advance for your help

Private Sub cmdC_Click()

    Dim start As Date
    Dim finish As Date
    Dim fullPrjName As String, prjName As String, xmlName As String
    Dim fileSaved As Boolean
    Dim ret As Long
    Dim currentView As String
    Application.ViewApply getView
    start = dateControl.getStart
    finish = dateControl.getStart + dateControl.getCountOfDays - 1
    filterTasks start, finish + 1
    'Unload Me
    'Application.ViewApply currentView

End Sub