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    Help with ribbon function

    I use IDBE Ribbon Creator to build a custom ribbon for my db.

    I don't fully understand all the available functions but up to now have been able to create what I want. The program inserts a few custom modules when you insert a ribbon into a db, one being the callback module, where you put the commands to do things when a button is clicked.

    I am trying to use the split button function and have been able to insert the button and correctly populate the drop menu and have it work if you select a drop menu item. What I don't understand is how to make the selected item the new default for the top half of the button.

    Any help gladly appreciated!
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    Unfortunately very few of us are doing anything with custom ribbons, so there doesn't seem to be much help available other than what you find on the Microsoft websites. What version are you creating the custom ribbon for - 2007 or 2010?

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