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    Excel Combo Box Macro

    I have Excel 2003. I need to create a field of categories so that the user can choose a category for each record. I created an option box for the cell which needs to be copied to every cell in the column. If a new row is inserted, the option box would have to be inserted for that row, as well. My thought was to create a macro with a shortcut key so that the user could input the shortcut key and insert the box automatically. I did all that, but, when I ran the macro, it keeps going back to the cell I started on and copies the darn box in that cell instead of the cell the insertion point is on. Here's a copy of the code:

    ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+z
    ActiveSheet.DropDowns.Add(359.25, 30.75, 77.25, 15.75).Select
    With Selection
    .ListFillRange = "$L$2:$L$10"
    .LinkedCell = ""
    .DropDownLines = 9
    .Display3DShading = False
    End With
    End Sub

    I sure will be grateful for any help I can get on this. It doesn't have to be a combo box. It just needs to give the user the choice of categories to insert.

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    You can use data validation to accomplish this task very easily.
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