Known good Hardware/Software
. existing SONY VAIO notebook with Win7/SP1 32bit

. when re-directing output from ICACLS to, say, a .txt file, NOTEPAD doesn't
seem to honor its NL characters, making it very un-user friendly. However,
its depreciated cousin, CACLS, has NO PROBLEM with NOTEPAD and displays well.

. from cmd.exe
icacls c:\Windows\Temp >c:\DAD\temp\ICACLSN.txt
cacls c:\Windows\Temp >c:\DAD\temp\ICACLSO.txt

Using NOTEPAD.exe on each, the 2nd DSN displays well, but the 1st DSN
displays poorly; its lone 0Ah per record isn't apparently seen by NOTEPAD,
unlike the 2nd DSN where its 0D0Ah IS seen properly by NOTEPAD. "Properly"
means the "records" are lined up, not strung out forcing scrolling.

Because ICACLS is "more current" than CACLS, it should be used.
Fortunately, my own decades-old program, with a little profile adjustment
for detecting logical EOL, can properly display the file well. Of course,
I can also just go back to using the "old" CACLS which still works.

If anyone knows how to get ICACLS to "properly" display in NOTEPAD,
perhaps via a KB fix, please post it here. I have v16385.