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    How can I stop emails I receive from a friend's yahoo account?

    I am regularly receiving emails from a friend (call her Mary) which I know are not really from her. How do I know?
    1. I asked her and she said she is not sending them to me.
    2. The subject of the email is just either my name alone or "Hi Harry".
    3. The text of the email consists of a little or no words and then a hyperlink that I am certain will infect my system.
    4. Even though the name in "From" is Mary, the associated email address is either someone else or just a random string of characters; the provider is usually

    So the email is definitely phony, but because it is not coming from Mary's account, she cannot do anything to stop these messages. I know I can filter out any emails from Mary, but I might be filtering out real emails from her. She said she does not have a yahoo account, but even if she does, I don't know if her contacting yahoo will help stop this stream of emails. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to handle this? Thanks in advance.

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    Are you using a client program or browser to access your email?


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