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    Custom cell format? (2000, SR-1)

    Does anybody know if it's possible to use custom cell formats with text fields? I have an 8 character alphanumeric field that I want to display with hyphens, i.e., XX-XXXX-XX. I realise I can do it in a separate cell, but would prefer to display it where it is in the hyphenated format.

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    Re: Custom cell format? (2000, SR-1)

    If the X's are only numbers, then 00-0000-00 will work as a custom cell format, but since you said that the X's are alphanumeric, I don't think that you can do it with a custom format. Separate cells would be the most straight-forward, but you can use the selection change event. Something like,
    <pre>Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    If [A4] <> "" And InStr([A4], "-") = 0 Then
    [A4] = Left([A4], 2) & "-" & Mid([A4], 3, 4) & "-" & Right([A4], 2)
    End If
    End Sub</pre>

    notice that this causes some wierd stuff if you just enter AB in cell A4. It needs alot more error checking. HTH --Sam
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