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    Word 2010, Weird Page numbering formating issue in Header! Please Help!!!

    Hi Everyone,
    I am hoping you can help. I am working on a doc. that has to have sequential page numbering in the header. I cannot get the doc. to do sequential numbering. I ended up going into the edit header mode and hand typing all the correct page numbers in. Then when I closed the header it Page 1 turned into Page 9, and Page 2 turned into Page 16. ARGH! I have tried everything I know and even had a coworker look. Does anyone know how to fix this as I am on a critical dead line? Thanks for all help.

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    Here's how to do it in Word 2007 (hopefully Word 2010 is not too different):

    Double click in the header area, so that you can edit the header. This will put you on the Design tab (at the top of the screen).
    On the left side, at the top, in the "Header and Footer" section, click on Page Number, then Top of Page. A box will appear to the right, giving you some choices of the type of page number, as well as where to put it (left / center / right). Scroll down through that box till you find what you want. I always pick the "X of Y" category, so it will show the current page as well as the total number of pages.

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    In addition to Mrjimphelps's suggestion, if you have other information already in your header, page number choices from the Current position group.

    It sounds like you have sections in your document. Are there any sets of continuous breaks within a page? Do you have front matter (TOC, Foreword, etc.) that you want numbered differently?
    Pam Caswell

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