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    Cable HDMI output to resizeable picture on PC monitor


    My cable company has changed their distribution (DRM no doubt) and now all TV's need an Arris cable box which only outputs in HDMI or component/composite. The cable box can record (via an Arris gateway) and change channels (Arris portal), so what I need is to get the HDMI/composite/component signal into my computer someway so I can have a small re-sizable TV picture.

    I have no need to record or have a TV turner, but is there a TV tuner board with an HDMI line-in anywhere? I'm starting to believe that isn't a possible now (DRM). My tuner card has 2 inputs but both are coax only. I think a video capture card can be had with HDMI input, but can the output to my monitor be re-sized? My monitor also doesn't have HDMI input, so I'll probably need to replace both the monitor and my old TV tuner board. <sigh>

    I'm open to any/all suggestions that could let me get a re-sizable TV picture on my monitor.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I think you have to go component/composite into a capture card. HDMI capture is limited to DRM-free sources and I'm almost certain that the cable box is fully HDCP (DRM) protected.

    If you Google you may find something about a HDCP crack to enable a device to be made to record a HDCP HDMI stream but I don't know if any devices like that exist and if they do they would definitely be illegal in most places that produce content. Countries that only consume content, maybe more of a blind eye.

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