I just upgraded a friend's computer from Vista to Win7 Home Premium x32. When I tried to set up Windows Backup and Restore, I got the message "System image cannot be saved on this location." More Info gave me "Scheduled backup of system image is not allowed on removable devices." This seems to be a very strange message since external drives appear to be the most popular backup devices. Backup and Restore setup lists both the C: and the FToshiba external) drives but if I try to create a System Image, it does not list the Toshiba as one of the choices. I have 2 Win7 systems at home, one Home Premium 32x and one Professional 64x. Both have Windows Backup and Restore working flawlessly with external HDs.

The upgraded system has a Toshiba 500GB usb drive that was working fine with Vista and Macrium Reflect. I now want to switch to MS Backup and Restore. I really like the simplicity and ease of the Windows Backup, especially for a non-techie friend so I want to know how I can solve this strange problem.