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    Receiving emails with infected links -- is there any way to stop these?

    I have been receiving emails fairly regularly allegedly from a friend that I know she has not been sending herself. The name in From is her name, but the email addresses appear to be random characters (e.g.,, ...). The subject of the email is either just my name (Harry) or "Hi Harry", and the text of the email is a hyperlink (sometimes accompanied by a little text) that I am sure would take me to a website that would attempt to infect my computer. My friend says she does not have a yahoo email account, though I guess she may have had one in the past. I would like to help her stop these emails which I am sure are probably going to others in her contact list. Is there anything I can do or tell her to prevent these emails from being distributed? If it's helpful, I have attached a text file with the header from one of the emails. The hyperlink in the message was "Link deleted by Moderator" (I don't recommend you go to this link).

    Thanks in advance.
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    you cant stop them
    any email address can be faked
    you dont even know where they come from for real without a bit of work
    just delete them and forget it

    if they are persistent then use your blacklist to send them to trash asap so you dont see them

    the << .ru >> would be enough to tell me not to click on it ever

    my rule is i dont click on links in emails unless i expected the link and it was sent by someone i know from an email address i verify first as being their real email for their real name

    these things are VERY common
    i get 30-50 a day from screwy characters names, faked real names at screwy actual return addresses, etc.

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    You might have your friend contact her email provider and report this. From your perspective, just hit delete.
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    If there is a link in an email, you can hold your cursor over it and look at the lower left corner of the screen to see where the link will actually take you.

    You can always manually type in the link yourself, rather than simply clicking on it.

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