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    Survey finds nearly no one wants to buy Surface RT tablet
    Maybe the release to retail chains and the advertising campaign will help but it looks like Microsoft has a ways to go here.


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    On a similar theme, here's the analysis of Internet traffic generated by tablets for November 2012:

    The SurfaceRT tablet appears to have generated 0.15 impressions per 100 iPad-generated impressions, far below most of its tablet competitors.

    However, those figures might be misleading. I'm informed that Android has a setting to make the client device appear to be a desktop to servers, and many users elect for that option so as to avoid web site variants intended for use with smartphones, all of which might lead to miscounting. I don't know if the iPad and the Surface have the same feature.

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    Much of the above will be due to the fact that the apps in Surface RT are still very limited & immature, and
    that everything was rushed out the door prematurely, too much so to be actually useful in many respects.

    Given the above facts, it's no real surprise that the these articles will be skewed to reflect that.

    There are many Windows based users, like myself included, that are specifically waiting to replace their iPads
    with a Windows based solution. iTunes alone makes me cringe, but at the moment, RT is way too immature to
    consider. I see that changing in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

    Microsoft needs to come up with an app that will act something like iTunes does as far as providing easier integration
    with a desktop's computer content.

    I'd gladly dump my iPad in favor of a Surface, but it's simply just too immature at the moment.
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    I agree with Clint. The other problem right now is the state of the economy. Plus the limitless debate on the fiscal cliff and nothing happening to fix this is causing people to not spend their monies to upgrade PCs that are working perfectly well. Our laptops (both several years old) are working very well with Win 8 Pro. These are conventional, non-touch enabled laptops that are very happy with Win 8 Pro, as are their owners!
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    No Killer Apps, most Apps still looking and feeling like they're "under construction" and a lackluster interface. Yep, that's the recipe for overtaking the iPad, he said sarcastically. And no functional iTunes App yet either. No Face Time or good web cams on the Surface.
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