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    Anyone having luck with VPN and Windows 8?

    I use OpenVPN sometimes through PrivateInternetAccess, my internet being by direct cable connection. While it works great with Windows 7 (dual boot), in the week since I installed Windows 8 Pro x64, the connection has dropped every time after about an hour to three hours. I use Comodo Firewall and have also tested with Windows Firewall, with the VPN executable excepted in each. At PIA's suggestion, I tried giving the OpenVPN app administrator rights, but that didn't do it. The Win 7 user account is Administrator, while Win 8 is Local/Administrator, so they are not exactly equal, if that matters. From the only thread I've found on the subject, I'm guessing it doesn't: As I recall, XP was released with a VPN bug and required a hotfix. Wondering if it's occurred again. Anyone having luck with VPN and Win 8?

    Update: Seems like there are a lot of complaints on the MS Answers forum, all of which are being redirected to MS TechNet:

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