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    Vista and Network Printers

    I'm hoping someone here can help with this problem, since I can't find an answer anywhere else.

    I've got a small home network with 2 PCs, two laptops, and two printers attached and for the most part, everything was very easy to get running. The machines run the range of XP, Vista, and Windows 7, and both printers are hard wired into the network - no wireless.

    After weeks of struggling with my daughters laptop, which had become infected with all sorts of malware, we did a brute force, original disk recovery on her machine to fresh-from-factory condition. Vista found the network and all the devices connected to it, but seems unable to use the printers at all. When I go to the network map, it shows itself, the router, and the Internet connections, but at the bottom of the window, it shows the other computers and printers on the network with the caption saying that these devices are on the network but cannot be added to the map (giving no reason why). I can install the drivers and software for the printers, but none can print a test page or print a page of text, even though the correct IP addresses appear and the machine's Web page can be accessed.

    Any ideas how to get access to these networked printers? What might be blocking their access?


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    what kind of network printers are you trying to set up, Cotton?

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