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    DVD-RW problems after November WinXP updates

    I use WinXP Pro and do a nightly incremental backup of certain folders onto a DVD-RW disc using Robocopy (with Roxio EMC 7 Drag-to-Disc handling the burning).

    Subsequent to installing the Windows November updates (on Dec. 8), although the files are still copied to the disc, they're bad versions of the files that are twice the size of the ones on the hard drive. If I try to pull up a Word file from the DVD-RW disc that's dated December 7 or earlier, it pulls up fine. But Word can't recognize any of the .doc files copied to the disc since December 8. The more recent files show up on the DVD-RW disc in Explorer (albeit at twice the proper size), but the data is obviously bad.

    I also tried formatting a new DVD-RW disc and wasn't able to do that.

    And please note: I have two DVD-RW drives, and both are failing to perform in the same way, so it's not a drive issue.

    Anybody know anything?

    (Final note: I also installed Norton Internet Security 2013 on Dec. 8, since my NIS 2012 subscription was expiring, but I'm guessing this is a Windows Update issue.)

    ADDED: I just successfully burned a DVD-R data disc (using the same Roxio program), so the glitch seems to be limited to DVD-RW.
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