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    Sort, Pivot Table, or What? (Excel 97 SR-2)

    I'm trying to extract a summary and/or report/display from a school fund raising spreadsheet. The workbook contains a worksheet page for each grade k thru 8. The student names are listed in rows and the columns have the items for sale, with totals columns. We want to be able to find the top ten sellers, and/or sort all off the students sales data by number of items sold, or total sales in dollars.

    I've tried creating a summary sheet and pasting the students from each class as a link, but it gets screwed up because there is more than one header row.

    I've attached one class sheet as an example.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Sort, Pivot Table, or What? (Excel 97 SR-2)

    Have you looked into the Data, Consolidate... menu item. Unfortunately, the help file is terrible, so you may want to borrow an Excel textbook. <A target="_blank" HREF=>Here</A> is a tutorial. Don't know if it's good; haven't worked through it. HTH --Sam
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