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    DDNS not working on Windows Home Server (v1)

    I have a WHS (V1.0) Server which has been working fine since early 2009, including remote access using the Microsoft "Live Domain" DDNS service. The remote access is not currently working, so I went on-site to troubleshoot. What I found was that the Windows Live Domain service was not updating with the current IP.
    The Remote Access Wizard shows the remote access "configured but not verified" and when I click on "details" I can see that the ip is incorrect, showing a valid address previously assigned by the ISP, but which as since changed. Using my laptop, if I browse to https://x.x.x.x (the correct currently assigned ISP address) the server responds properly.
    Coincidentally (although it has worked properly since) I installed a security camera setup a short while back and it has a remote access component itself, which I set up and also configured. It uses its own DDNS server which I set up, and I have the router configured to forward port 80 to the camera machine, and port 443 (and 4125) to the home server. The security system dynamic ddns is working, as is the port forwarding. I can browse externally to and it will take me to the security system. I can also browse to which, due to the port forwarding, now correctly takes me to the home server. This is fine as a workaround, but I would like to get the Windows Live Domain service working properly.
    If I ping by name, pinging pings the correct address and succeeds. If I ping, I can see it is pinging the older, invalid IP and of course it fails.
    So everything seems right except the ddns through the Windows Live Domain service will not update correctly, and I was unable to find a way to update it manually.
    Any suggestions as to how to get the Windows Live Domain service to update correctly?
    Thanx in advance
    Halifax, NS.

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    IIRC, I ended up removing the domain at the WIndows Live Domain service and then immediately re-establishing it.


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